Basic information
Race Oberans
Faction IGA
Rank Second Lieutenant
Flagship Griffin Wing of the IGA Prosperity
Physical attributes
Sex Male
Height 1.8 meters
Weight 90 kg
Hair Color Black
Skin Tone Pale
Facial Hair Moustache
Eye Color Brown
Distinctive Features Scar over left eye
Key Personality Traits Combative and strict


To’ros is the last of his family’s line, known as a Lo’phan. His entire family was killed during an attack on an IGA space station by the Tyrannar. Because of this, To’ros carries no surname until he takes a mate as per Oberan tradition. To’ros channeled his grief and discipline into marital arts and piloting.


To’ros dresses in IGA uniform on most occasions, although he does wear the black mourning robes of Lo’phan. He is in very good physical condition and is sinewy and solid built.


To’ros is a down to business commander that does not deal well with insubordination. He mostly quotes from the Magram of Cydonia in the context of battle. He has an extremely stoic nature.