The Regula is a large species of feline-like humanoid creatures who are a part of the Tyrannar Empire. Standing at six to seven feet tall, the Regula is a diverse species, with sub-races resembling different types of creatures in the feline family. Despite their feline appearance, the Regula is an entirely bipedal species, and their fur can vary in a multitude of colors and patterns.

Like the rest of the races in the Empire, the Regula get two representatives in The Nine, the Empire's supreme Archon council. They hail from the planet Ferocia, as do their reptilian counterparts, the Lacerta.


Within the Tyrannar Empire, the Regula use the Blazing Sword as their symbol. Sharing the same planet as the Lacerta, the planet Ferocia is a tropical planet, exhibiting many swamp-like elements and mountainous terrains.

Much of it still remains unexplored with many ancient artifacts scattered through. The Regula fought with the Lacerta for supremacy on the planet before the intervention of the Ares Magna, these wars, in turn, caused the stagnation of technological development.

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