The final key component of a base’s defenses is its system of Pylons, and the force fields generated between them. Every starbase hangs suspended between two Harrington fields - invisible planes of gravitational force which keep it anchored in space and render it effectively unassailable from above and below. Pylons generate force fields which block the relatively narrow gap between these planes, while carefully not disrupting the balance between them. The result is in many respects similar to the systems of walls employed in primitive fortifications, protecting the structures within its confines from weapons fire and encroaching enemies.

BC Pylons
Pylons can be built in space, and connect themselves with force fields.

Force fields are created by arranging Pylons in the open space around a base’s perimeter. When two Pylons are placed at perpendicular angles to one another, a field will form automatically between them if at least one is within the maximum range of the other (a Pylon’s maximum range increases as it is upgraded, along with its health). Enemy attacks cannot pass through force fields and pylons, while defensive weapons can fire freely outwards from them, affording strong protection to a well designed base.

An attacking fleet can direct its weapons against the force field itself, in which case its damage is distributed between the connected Pylons, eventually overloading them; or against an individual Pylon, seeking to break through a perceived weak point in a base’s defenses. Base designers commonly build redundancy into their pylon layouts however - even if an intermediate pylon is destroyed, the force field between will persist as long as the remaining pylons are in range.

Stats & Building CostsEdit

Level Health Length Credits Alloy Energy Synthetics Build Time
1 153,000 4 15,160 1,516 741 1,112 42s
2 275,000 5 84,456 8,190 4,004 6,006 2m 08s
3 397,800 6 261,914 24,628 12,040 18,061 5m 54s
4 520,200 7 683,622 62,334 30,475 45,712 14m 21s
5 642,600 8 1,641,855 145,172 70,973 106,459 33m 17s
6 765,000 9 3,755,748 322,018 157,431 236,147 1h 15m 42s
7 877,400 10 8,323,117 692,001 338,312 508,468 2h 50m 47s
8 1,009,800 11 18,402,171 1,454,610 711,143 1,066,714 6h 23m 51s
9 1,132,200 12 38,486,146 3,008,840 1,470,988 2,206,482 14h 21m 20s
10 1,254,600 13 81,106,510 6,148,755 3,006,058 4,509,087 1d 8h 11m 23s

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