SW PulseLaser

Pulse Laser

Pulse Lasers are standard issue energy beam weapons used commonly throughout the universe.


Class Pulse Laser
Power Cost 300
Range (Min-Max) 250-725
Resolution Rating 606
Tracking Rating 606
Attack Type Beam
Damage Type Energy
Rate of Fire 0.20 secs
Reload Time 1.00 secs
Burst Size 4

Level DamageEdit

Damage DPS
Level I 479 1,064
Level II 523 1,162
Level III 566 1,257
Level IV 610 1,355
Level V 653 1,451


Credits Alloy Energy Synthetics Requirements Research TIme
Level I 153,569 10,754 7,169 14,664 Weapons Lab 1 7m 17s
Level II 1,067,554 70,294 46,863 95,856 Weapons Lab 3 43m 52s
Level III 5,609,210 347,301 231,534 473,592 Weapons Lab 5 3h 37m 34s
Level IV 26,396,539 1,536,826 1,024,551 2,095,671 Weapons Lab 7 19h 10m 9s
Level V 117,313,039 6,422,404 4,281,602 8,757,823 Weapons Lab 9 4d 23m 26s

Build/Repair TimesEdit

Build Times Repair Times
Level l 9m 13s 43s
Level ll 13m 05s 59s
Level lll 18m 08s 1m 20s
Level lV 24m 45s 1m 46s
Level V 33m 25s 2m 20s

Build/Repair TimesEdit

Build Times Repair Times
Advanced I 13m 5s 59s
Advanced II 24m 45s 1m 46s
Advanced III 44m47s 3m 3s
Uncommon 59m 40s 3m 57s
Rare 1h 19m 10s 5m 6s
Epic 1h 44m 43s 6m 33s
Legendary 2h 18m 10s 8m 23s

Blueprint VariantsEdit

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