A set of philosophical creeds established by Tao-Pol, forefather of the Oberans, that incorporates their collective thinking. They are The Infinite, Exploration, Prosperity, and Solidarity.

The First: The InfiniteEdit

The fabric of existence is endless, which reminds us that in the expanse there is always more to be learned. We dedicate our lives to exploring the universe in the knowledge that there are others like us in its fold. We symbolize this by the gesture of the Infinite.

  • The Infinite
  • Exploration
  • Prosperity

The Second: ExplorationEdit

This represents our need to forever explore the Infinite. If there is an unknown, through exploration we will know it. If there is a goal to be reached through searching the universe we will find it. We symbolize this with the gesture of Exploration.

The Third: ProsperityEdit

We, like all other intelligent creatures in the universe, are entitled to the right to prosper as a race. We realize that all races do not advance or reach Enlightenment at the same pace and these creatures should be nurtured and allowed to explore the Infinite in their own manner. This is symbolized by the gesture of Prosperity.

The Last: SolidarityEdit

Through Exploration of the Infinite we will observe and share in the Prosperity of other races. When they are ready, we will attempt to form a bond of kinship with the like minded races of the universe. We will share the wealth of the Magram with them and relish in the concepts of their beliefs. However, we know that we will encounter races that will not share in Enlightenment; those races who, despite their technological advances, have made no attempts to join the true meaning of the universe. It is in these cases that we will act in any way necessary to defend the tenants of our beliefs and fight against the corruption of our purpose without compromising the creed of the Magram.