Krell Peck
Basic information
Race So'Toth
Faction Sovereignty
Rank Initiate
Physical attributes
Sex Male
Height 2.0 meters
Weight 65 kg
Hair Color None
Skin Tone Green tinted
Facial Hair None
Eye Color Bloodshot
Distinctive Features Tendrils on face, slight hunchback
Key Personality Traits Paranoid


Initiate Krell Peck is new to the So’Toth, having been recruited by J'Thock with the help of Re'Gelica. Krell was a former scientist and physicist whose planet was caught in the path of a solar flare. The So’Toth handpicked members of the population and invited them to embrace The Void. Krell was at first enamored by the concept, as well as Re’Gelica, but after many exposures to The Void he has become paranoid and unstable. He has no recollection of his past, but he also has not fully adapted to the So’Toth customs and way of thinking. He is currently working on plotting a course through The Void inside Imperium territories.


Krell is an average looking So’Toth with tendrils and other deformities. Most of his So’Toth features are nubile compared to senior members.


Krell is delusional and has difficulty staying on topic in conversations. He still wears common clothes and has not yet embraced the full cultural transition of becoming a So'Toth.