Jenner Fangs
Basic information
Race Thanerians
Faction IGA
Rank Commander, Chief of Security
Flagship The Cavalier
Physical attributes
Sex Male
Height 1.6 meters
Weight 135 kg
Hair Color Black and tan fur
Skin Tone None
Facial Hair None
Eye Color Brown
Distinctive Features One broken canine tooth
Key Personality Traits Indomitable but good natured


Fangs comes from a long line of Thanerian men at arms and security officers dating back to before the First Rebellion. Fangs joined the academy with no other post in mind other than Chief of Security on The Cavalier. He has held this position ever since and has refused placement and promotions to keep it.


Fangs dresses in a modified IGA uniform which is much more casual and combat friendly than the normal issue. His face resembles a large Mastiff and he is equally large and physically imposing despite his shorter stature. When he laughs, it can be seen that his left incisor is broken in half.


Jenner is a cheerful, festive Thanerian that takes his time at peace as seriously as he takes his time in combat. He can be found drinking Grizzwater and Tyrannar wine when it can be found in the cantina. In combat, he holds nothing back and leaves everything he has on the battlefield.