Jemma Virril'an
NPC JemmaVirrilan
Basic information
Race Ares Magna
Faction Tyrannar Empire
Rank Supreme Archon of The Nine
Physical attributes
Sex Female
Height 2.4 meters
Weight 75 kg
Hair Color Blood red
Skin Tone Pale
Facial Hair None
Eye Color Blue
Distinctive Features A large dagger shaped tattoo over her eye
Key Personality Traits Intense and cunning


Jemma Virril’an is the most powerful female in the Tyrannar Empire. Her history is almost as impressive as Prime Archon Tyrannus’ own. She has fought in more conflicts than any other living commander in the Empire, and was born on the warship The Drakhan’s Dagger where her mother was an officer in the Empire’s service. After her mother's death in battle, Virril'an was raised by the Drakhan crew. Her parents' lineage is shrouded in mystery as no records of her birth were kept. Since entering the service of the Empire, Supreme Archon Virril’an’s mark has been as deep and long as a fatal wound. She has taken a personal interest in crushing the Intergalactic Alliance and any force that stands in the way of the Empire. Underestimated at every turn, Jemma carries all the honor of the Drakhan Shield and all the fury of the Ares Magna in her actions.


Supreme Archon Virril’an is an incredibly attractive member of the Ares Magna. She is both seductively attractive and dangerously formidable in appearance. Tall, toned and muscular, her figure hides no sign that she is a warrior. Due to her attractive facial appearance, Jemma added a tattoo of a dagger over her right eye to honor the ship of her birth and remind those who look upon her she is a leader and warrior first and foremost.


Jemma Virril’an’s presence has all the power and authority of Tyrannus himself. She has a personal distain for Supreme Archon Gesalt Gust’avar and is one of the few to suspect that under his rugged Blood Sphere-playing exterior he is a coward at heart. Jemma rarely finds the need to raise her voice and on the occasions in which she does, a choir of demons from Ares Magna’s lava pits follows with the sound.

Her only true weakness is her own varied success. She has yet to truly face an un-winnable confrontation. This has left her in a state of disbelief of her own abilities and also her own mortality. She has yet to face the Imperium’s forces first hand. Somewhere deep below the surface, she fears the day that this conflict will occur and she is confronted with a similar fate as Prime Archon Tyrannus. She has respect for the Lacerta and carries their ancient rivalry with the Regula.