Heavy Fighters are the second type of ships available to the player. While still agile, they provide more firepower and armor than the traditional fighter. Being still able to equip Arc weapons, these ships can achieve surprising DPS output and can be a very dangerous opponent rushing in close to larger ships equipped with minimum range weapons.

Faction ClassesEdit


Hit Points 87,500
Sector Speed 93
Max Speed 86
Turning Speed 90.0 d/s
Allow Pivot Yes
Shield Threshold 50.0%
Shield Reset Time 10.00 secs
Profile 985
Evasion Rating 1,106
Armor Rating 805
Masking Rating 500
Loading Speed 1,601/sec
Cargo Capacity 8,005
Power 1,900
Special Slots 1
Weapon Slots 3
Defense Slots 2
Tech Slots 4
Structure Slots 1

Build CostEdit

Credits Alloy Energy Synthetics Requirements Research Time
Research Cost 2,495,135 106,211 159,317 217,250 Ship Lab 2 1h 40m 33s
Base Build Cost 60,531 2,657 5,435 3,986

Build/Repair TimesEdit

Build Times Repair Times
Normal 49m 30s 1m 20s
Uncommon 1h 29m 34s 2m 20s
Rare 2h 38m 20s 3m 57s
Epic 4h 36m 20s 6m 33s
Legendary 7h 58m 51s 10m 44s

Blueprint VariantsEdit

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