A planet in the Iratus Quadrant and home to the Regula and Lacerta people. Ferocia is composed of vast tropical rain forests, swamplands, and mountainous regions.


Prior to the founding of The Tyrannar Empire, the Lacerta and Regula were locked in a three-century-long blood feud for control of the planet. Neither race, despite advancing technologies, could end the conflict. Tyrannus’ forces were able to route the combined efforts of both races to end this conflict in a matter of weeks.

Based on Lacerta and Regula history, Ferocia contains many untapped resources and ancient artifacts hidden across the landscape.

Points of InterestEdit

  • Erudite Jungles: A thick, lush rainforest basin and home to the Regula.
  • Grand Steppes of the Anderian Mountains: A huge mountain range that surrounds and surpasses the northern border of the Erudite Jungles. The Regula make pilgrimages here to remember their god Terrox. A huge outpost is still present.
  • Great Fire Marshes: A swamp of incredible size that trails to the south and borders the Erudite Jungles. It serves as the homeland of the Lacerta.
  • Great Southern Lights: A massive Aurora of lights that helped to lead the Lacerta to the Ice Isles.
  • Ice Isles: The arctic isles to the south of the Great Fire Marshes and alleged home of the Terrox.
  • The Mongo Sea: The largest sea on Ferocia, to the south of the Great Fire Marshes.