Ahab Averus
Basic information
Race Ares Magna
Faction Tyrannar Empire
Rank Archon
Flagship Or’kas Jaws
Physical attributes
Sex Male
Height 1.8 meters
Weight 85 kg
Hair Color Gray
Skin Tone Ashy
Facial Hair Moustache
Eye Color Gray
Distinctive Features Robotic right arm
Key Personality Traits Possessed


Ahab Averus is an old dog of war that once had hopes for a Supreme Archon role on The Nine. His last commission was to expand the quadrant edges bordering Sovereignty space and investigate the anomaly known as The Void for possible tactical advantages. During an encounter with the So'Toth, his ship, the Or’kas Jaws, was lured into The Void in pursuit of a retreating So’Toth ship. Ahab was believed to be lost in battle. When shockingly Ahab's ship returned, his crew was almost completely missing or dead. Ahab’s own arm had been severed by some grievous injury or experiment at the hands of the So’Toth. After a long recovery, Ahab has returned to active duty and carries a deep desire to return to The Void to find the thing that took his crew and his arm.


Averus is a grizzled old war dog. He is without the traditional regal nature of his Ares Magna kin. What little nobility he once possessed was stripped from him in The Void. The robotic arm serves as a reminder of this loss to the So’Toth and the price The Void holds for all who enter.


Archon Averus is in constant battle with his own desire to pursue an assault against his former captors. He knows that he must remain active in his station to some day gain the opportunity for vengeance against the So’Toth. Due to the scars to his psyche, Ahab will sometimes drift in incoherent musings about his memories of the past. He is soft spoken but salty in his temperament.